WSF World Strongman Championship U110 kg

WSF World Strongman Championship U110 kg held in town Khust (Carpathian Ruthenia, Ukraine) on 12 of May. More than 2 thousand spectators were watched strongman competition. It`s was the best WSF tournament in last 10 years! 22 athletes from 8 countries participated in the World Strongman Federation (WSF) Championship organized Read more »


The first tournament of the World Series “Ethnosport Challenge”

The first tournament of the World Series “Ethnosport Challenge”

May 1 in Luzhniki Stadium the first tournament of the World Series of “Ethnosport Challenge” took place in Read more »


Ukraine Strongmen championship 2018

Ukraine Strongmen championship 2018 was held in Kiev on 28-29 of April.
- 95 kg
1. Roman Gricelyak (Lviv)
2. Viktor Posudevsky (Riga)
3. Oleksandr Skripchenko (Melitopol) Read more »


“Moscow Strongman CUP 2018″

Results of  “Moscow Strongman CUP 2018″ Luzhniki:
Man U-80:
1. Rail Albikov (Podolsk)
2. Dmitry Siromjatnikov (Ekaterinburg)
3. Alexander Ilchenko (Moscow)

Man U-95
1. Sergey Belousov (Moscow) Read more »


1st Ethnosport Challenge in Moscow

Tournaments of the World Series Ethnosport Challenge will be of two levels – national and international. The first will be the national tournament of Ethnosport Challenger: Moscow vs Russia, which will held within the framework of the Moscow Ethnosport Festival at the opening of the summer sports season in Luzhniki on May 1. Read more »


‘The Competition Day Preparation Strategies of Strongman Athletes’ survey

Hi All Strongmen,

Just a heads up. ‘The Competition Day Preparation Strategies of Strongman Athletes’ survey will be closing soon. It would be really great to hear what you do on competition days (i.e. how you warm up and what mental preparation and nutrition strategies you utilize etc). Read more »


Visualization of the Ethnosport Challenge project

The work on visualization of the Ethnosport Challenge project, which performed by the well-known artist Andrey Lublinsky, was completed.

The main idea of visualization was the ethnic images of the strongmen, made in a characteristic style for the author. Read more »


New president of ASAF is elected

NEWS from South America.
As you know  lefted position of president of ASAF- Cesar Omar Carrizo (Argentina) last month.
Luciano Afonso Sarti (Brazil) was elected as new president of ASAF  with 9 votes vs 1. ( In the center of the photo)
In election of new president of ASAF participated: Read more »


The Ethnosport World Society and TAFISA become partners and WSF to apply for TAFISA membership

Today in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) The Association For International Sport for All (TAFISA) signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ethnosport World Society. Read more »


The world series of the “Ethnosport Challenge” tournaments will start in Georgia

The Ethnosport World Society launches a global project – a world series of the “Ethnosport Challenge” tournaments. The first tournament will held in Georgia within the framework of the national festive of Giorgoba on May 5, 2018. Read more »