PROFORM Uzbekistan WSF World Cup

PROFORM Uzbekistan WSF World Cup will be held on 3 of May in Tashkent. PROFORM World Cup is the traditional strongman competition. We are waiting the following athletes this year:
1/ Dimitar Savatinov (USA) – 4th place of Arnold Classic 2015
2/ Mateusz Kieliszkowski  (Poland) – 3rd place of Arnold Classic 2015
3/ Sergey Trubicin (Uzbekistan)
4/ Tarmo Mitt (Estonia) – 3rd place of ArcticMan 2015
5/ Ari Gunarsson (Iceland) – 2nd place of ArcticMan 2015
6/ Valery Savin (Russia) – 1st place of ArcticMan 2015
7/ Oleksandr Lashyn (Ukraine)
8/ Rolands Gulbis (Latvia)
9/ Antanas Abrutis (Lithuania) – 1st place of Arnold Classic Stick Pulling 2015
10/ Sergey Mirzenko (Moldova)
11/ Hamza Primov (Uzbekistan)
12/ Athlete from Kyrgizstan

Athletes will compete in 6 events. As additional show will be the revenge match of traditional STICK PULLING (symmetrical grip) : Abrutis vs Trubicin. Who is strongest?



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