WSF visit to Togo

Visit to Togo.
I would like to inform you all that we had many important advances in My visit to Togo. We have a large discussion with the number of countries in powerlifting festival –totoa. In Togo I met personally the vice president of Togo Olympic committee and Vice sport minister.
We have had several exchanges between the Benin delegation, Сost-ivory, Gabon;Mali; and Tchad . we will assist them to attent the WSF. The event that was organized by Mr.Solayman Rachid  the president of togo federation and gold communication company of powerlifting was passed directly in the national TV of togo also I met the Director of first strong man event and talking with him about the next strong man Event of west Africa down umbrella of WSF.  With this meeting we hope to have a growth in the number of countries effectively and wsf will accumulate all west Africa soon!
Elmamoun Mohamed
Wsf’s vice president In Africa
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