WSF StrongFit “Gomel`s Strongest Man 2017″

Belorussian Strongmen Federation (Alex Martinenko) traditionally organized the WSF StrongFit  “Strongest Man of  Gomel”. Championship was held for 8th time on September 16, 2017, on the Day of the City of Gomel.
Qualifying events:
– Log lift (75 kg / 105 kg)- Tire flips (320 kg)
– Grip strength
Final events
– Farmers walk  (140 kg / 200 kg)
– Meadly
– Tractor MTZ pulling
In the weight category up to 95 kg:
1 place – Gorbachev Eugene;
2 nd place – Litovkin Dmitry;
3rd place – Dmitrienko Andrey;
In the weight category over 95 kg:
1 place – Travin Yuri;
2 nd place – Konovalov Victor;
3 rd place – Dusenok Ivan;


IMG-1bceb4106fc015706924b0b812236ea8-V IMG-2b01b1cc511fee393e0d52cc5c0417d9-V IMG-7ec697910d929a61be4b3b491fb58d99-V IMG-73ee000cac2920a64f28a165ae17d75a-V IMG-90ae35d96d59fce0b44b06c1d84a02fb-V IMG-c42760fdf4166e1487c79d647367afe7-V
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