New president of ASAF is elected

NEWS from South America.
As you know  lefted position of president of ASAF- Cesar Omar Carrizo (Argentina) last month.
Luciano Afonso Sarti (Brazil) was elected as new president of ASAF  with 9 votes vs 1. ( In the center of the photo)
In election of new president of ASAF participated:

  1. Manuel Angulo (Chile),
  2. Sergio Nahuel Corzo(Argentina),
  3. Rodrigo Gonzalez and Judith Reithman (Uruguay),
  4. Marcos Menezes (Brasil),
  5. Emmanuel Gallego (Colombia),
  6. Edward Carrizo (Ecuador),
  7. Antonio Quintanilla (Peru)- (against),
  8. Edwin Yucra (Bolivia),
  9. Alberto Flores Reyna (Mexico)

22 of September take place WSF South American strongmen championship in Brazil.

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New logo of ASAF:


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