China Power Invitational Tournament 2018

First CPA China Power Invitational Tournament 2018 in the ISPO show 5th-7th July started promoting the China strongman federation  as representative of WSF in China. Mark Soo as president of CSF informed, that this competition showed who can will compete in future strongman sport competition and next strongman activity planned on Agust at FIBO in China. WSF is planning to come and organize promo presentation and seminar for athletes.

Results of First CPA China Power Invitational Tournament 2018 in the ISPO:
-82,5kg Yingchun Zhang

– 90kg Dandong Kang

– 100kg Jingcun Zhou

-110kg  Hongcheng Mo

– 125kg Shilei Huang

-67,5kg Ruizhuo Zhang

– 82,5kg Jiaojiao Xu

Team champion of this competition Xi’an BP team


CPA managment team:

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