Vilnius Ethnosport Challenge 2018

December 9, the World Series tournament Vilnius Ethnosport Challenge 2018 took place in Vilnius, Lithuania.
In the competitions of the Vilnius Ethnosport Challenge took part more than 100 participants of Traditional Games from 10 countries. The event in live broadcasting on the Delfi was watched by over 3 000 spectators.

Guest of Honour of the Vilnius Ethnosport Challenge was Leonid Taranenko – head of Belarus Strongmen Federation, Olympic Champion in weightlifting, World biggest record holder 266 kg in overhead leight lifting (1988, Canberra).

The World Ethnosport was represented by Vladislav Redkin (Latvia), Vice-president; Gintautas Vileita (Lithuania), The Chairman and Organizer of the Vilnius Ethnosport Challenge 2018 Counil member and President of the World Belt-wrestling federation.

Official MC and coorganizer of event was Zidrunas Savickas (Lithuania) – President of the Lithuanian Strongmen Federation, four time World’s Strongest Man, eight time – Arnold Classic Strongman winner.

The winner of Vilnius Ethnosport Challenge 2018 was Dainius Repsys from Lithuania, who won two out of four exercises – “barrels holding” and “barrels race”.

Didzis Zarins from Latvia won of giant wood log 115 kg lift.

Mindaugas Jaras from Lithuania won in the final pull push “Gladiators” exercise .

First time in challenge participate following athletes:
– Viktar Kulik (Belarus)
– Denys Berezhnyk (Ukraine)
– Maris Krievelis (Latvia)
– Mindaugas Zalimas (Lithuania)
– Vitalijus Grizanauskas (Lithuania)

In traditional Lithuanian wrestling challenge won team from Lithuania.

Total team Winner of the Lithuania Ethnosport Challenge – Lithuania with score 5:1 (wrestling include).

Video translation:

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