WSF World Strongman Championship 2019, U110 kg

WSF World Championship U110kg will held on 24 of August, 2019 in
city Khust, Ukraine. Promoter – Strongmen Federation of Ukraine.



Date: 24.08.2019

Place: the settlement: V&P Hotel, Petenka street, 5, city Khust, Ukraine, competition: city center.

Schedule: 23.08.2019

15:00 – 19:00 weighing;

19:00 – dinner;

20:00 credentials Committee.


8:00 – breakfast;

11:00 – 14:00 Qualifying (the top 10 athletes pass to the Final);

15:00 – 17:00 Final;

17:30 – Awarding Ceremony;

20:00 Dinner.


10:00 Breakfast, departure from the hotel.


Qualification: time limit 60 seconds.

Thayer flip 360kg,6 overturnsThe tire stands on the starting position vertically. At the judge signal the Athlete pushes the tire forward, after the tire takes a horizontal position on the floor, the counting of the flipping is conducted. Athletes who could not turn over the tire the proper number times in the allotted time limit, the result is the number of overturns.Using of the glue.If the tire enters the nearby track, athlete would be fined for 5 seconds.Overturn is fixed with the full touch of the tire plane to the flooring.

Log-lift 120 кг(Times)
The athlete, after the starting signal of the judge, raises the log-lift from the floor, fixing over his head (1 sec). Elbows and knees should be straight, feet are in one line. It is forbidden to hold the log-lift on the head, in time of lifting from the chest and the removing both hands from the projectile during the execution. After the judge order, the athlete puts back the gear to its original position.The loop on the belt.To put the gear on his head.To throw the gear behind the head.To put down the gear not on special pillows.In case of injuries of an elbow joint and impossibility of its full unbending, the athlete has to inform about it the judge before an exit to a platform.
Farmer’s walk 130kg 40m (20m+20m)The athlete takes suitcases in both hands and by the judge’s signal starts moving forward. At the end of the exercise the athlete should carry out the suitcases over the finish line completely.Using of the straps.For moving the outfit along the track, the athlete gets 5 penalty seconds for each attempt of the advancement.Athlete has the right to put gear on the floor any number of times during the time limit.

Final: time limit 90 sec


Conan’s Carousel 350kg
The athlete approaches to the carousel, takes the pipe from below into the bent hands and by the signal of the judge lifts the carousel from the ground, starts to move the carousel forward in a circle. The goal of the athlete is to move as far as possible. The result is fixed at the first putting down of the equipment on the floor.To push (slide) the equipment on the floor. The result is fixed in time of the first touch with the equipment to the floorTo dress on an additional form to a competitive T-shirt.The loop on the belt.The athlete is allowed to re-raise the equipment at the starting position, if he has not made a single step.
Relay: 2 bags100kg 20m+ Slade pool 250kg 20m
Accessories are behind the starting line. At the signal of the judge, the athlete takes the bag and overcomes the distance of 20m, completely bringing the bag over the finish line, returns to the start and carries one more bag, returns to the starting line and accomplish the thrust of the sleigh (back movement). The winner is the athlete who will complete the task as fast as possible.
Using of the straps.
The time is fixed after the full carrying of the accessories over the finish line.Athlete has the right to put outfit on the floor any number of times during the time limit. If the athlete does not meet the allotted time limit, the total distance passed is recorded.
Relay: Dumble75kg + Axel 120kg + Log-lift 130kg + Dumble 85kg + Axel130kg +Log-lift 140kgThe athlete, after the judge’s start signal, raises equipment from the floor, fixing over his head (1 sec). Elbows and knees should be straight, feet in one line. After the judge’s order, the athlete returns the equipment to the starting position.The loop on the belt.To put the equipment on the head.To throw the gear behind the head.To put down the gear not on special pillows.Fixing the time is by the last raised gear; if the athlete does not fit into the time limit, lifts are counted.
Arm over arm8,5 tons 20mThe atleet sits in an emphasis, takes on a rope and, from the sitting position, begins to pull the cargo from start to finish position. The winner is the athlete who will overcome the distance at the shortest time. If the athlete does not fit into the time limit set, the distance which the athlete pulled the cargo is measured; in this case the advantage is given to the athlete who passed a greater distance.Start with a torn pelvis, using of a glue.The assistant has to take away the rope by the side.

Registration by link: (cost 100 $)

Athlete receives accommodation and meals 23-25.08.2019 (for 2 person – coach / attendant), uniform (shorts, T-shirt), diploma of the participant.

The travel of athletes and representatives is not reimbursed by organizers.

Money award:

1. 1200 $ (Cup, medal)

2. 1000 $ (Cup, medal)

3. 800 $ (Cup, medal)

4. 600 $ (medal)

5. 500 $ (medal)

6. 400 $ (medal)

7. 300 $ (medal)

8. 200 $ (medal)

9. 100 $ (medal)

10. 100 $ (medal)

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