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Hello,Friends! We starting WSF STRONGMAN EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP! For registration click here: (end of registration 8.07.17!!!!!).


Strongman Amateur League Final in Moscow

Results of Strongman Amateur League Final 2016/17 Moscow, Russia 1) Vladimir Bulgakov (Kursk) – 28,5 points 2) Maxim Dvorecky (Moscow) – 22,5 3) Artem Kobanov (Balashiha) – 20


World Cup Ukraine

World Cup Ukraine, Mukachevo – 20 of May. Results: 1. Robert Cirwus Poland 50,5 2. Oleksiy Novikov Ukraine 50 3. Janosh Kuwaga Poland 27 4. Andriy Burshtyn Ukraine 26 5. Faramarz Rahmani Iran 26


1st Russian strongman championship -95 kg

1st Russian strongman championship -95 kg. Belgorod, Russia on 9 of May. Results: 1. Sergey Belousov (Moscow)  – 27.5 points 2. Andrey Nerubenko (Belgorod) – 21 3. Egor Makarov (Moscow) – 20.5


India Strongman 2017 & WSF board meeting with new partners

India Strongman 2017. Punjab Results: 1. Lekh Rai 73 points 2. Bekram Singh 73 points 3. Jaswinder Singh 63 points


The Tapering Practices of Strongman Athletes

Dear Strongmen!! We invite you to take part in an exciting research project called ‘The Tapering Practices of Strongman Athletes’. You have been identified as a potential participant in this research because you are a strength athlete who competes


Arnold Sport Festival 2017

The 2017 Arnold Fitness EXPO was again feature more than 1,000 booths of the latest in sports equipment, apparel and nutrition and two stages that hosts unique, non-stop competitions and entertainment that combine to make the Arnold Fitness EXPO the heart of the Arnold Sports Festival. The Arnold Fitness EXPO was located in the main […]


President of WSF Mr. Baba Madhok has been appointed to lead as the President of ABBF

BREAKING SPORTS NEWS!! New possibilities for development in Asia and World. President of WSF Mr. Baba Madhok has been appointed to lead as the President of ABBF. Congratulations!!


Happy New Strongman Sport Year!

Dear Friends! Best wishes for a happy season and Our sincere thanks for your loyalty and Goodwill throughout the year. May the coming year bring more happiness To you than last year.


WSF record of MTZ tractor 4522 pulling – 6.10 m

WSF record of MTZ tractor pulling was held on 7 of November in Minsk, Belarus. Record – 6.10 m & tractor model 4522 – 18 000 kg. Record holders: – Mikhail Shivlyakov (Russia) – Dmirty Belaits (Russia)