Visualization of the Ethnosport Challenge project

The work on visualization of the Ethnosport Challenge project, which performed by the well-known artist Andrey Lublinsky, was completed.

The main idea of visualization was the ethnic images of the strongmen, made in a characteristic style for the author. Read more »


New president of ASAF is elected

NEWS from South America.
As you know  lefted position of president of ASAF- Cesar Omar Carrizo (Argentina) last month.
Luciano Afonso Sarti (Brazil) was elected as new president of ASAF  with 9 votes vs 1. ( In the center of the photo)
In election of new president of ASAF participated: Read more »


The Ethnosport World Society and TAFISA become partners and WSF to apply for TAFISA membership

Today in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) The Association For International Sport for All (TAFISA) signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ethnosport World Society. Read more »


The world series of the “Ethnosport Challenge” tournaments will start in Georgia

The Ethnosport World Society launches a global project – a world series of the “Ethnosport Challenge” tournaments. The first tournament will held in Georgia within the framework of the national festive of Giorgoba on May 5, 2018. Read more »


Arab countries on the EWS board will be represented by Ali Al-Ebrahim

The decision that Arab countries on EWS board and WSF  Vice-President will represent Ali Al-Ebrahim from Kuwait was taken today during the meeting of General Secretary of WSF Vladislav Redkin and EWS President Alexei Kylasov with member of the ruling family of emirs Talal Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah. Read more »


WSF World Strongman Championship -110 kg

WSF World Strongman Championship -110 kg will take place in UKRAINE:
Date: 12.05.2018
Place: Hotel: Khust, st. Voevody Petchenki 5, «V&P» (http://www.vip-complex.com/); competition: city center. Read more »


India Strongman results

WSF India Strongman by Harvindersalina Gill in Moga, Punjab, India on 11/02/2018
1. Bikram Singh
2. Jaswinder Singh
3. Lekhraj
4. Jagsir Singh Read more »


Azerbaijan Strongmen sport championship 2018

On 30 of March will start the championship of Azerbaijan. It will consist of 7 stages.
4 weight categories – 80, 95, 110 and +110kg.
In each weight class at the end of 6 stages the absolute champion is appointed. Read more »


Competition Day Preparation Strategies of Strongman Athletes Survey

An Invitation

Hello strongman athletes. My name is Dr Paul Winwood and I have a passion for research and improving our understanding and knowledge of the sport of strongman. I invite you to take part in an exciting research project. The survey is called ‘Competition Day Preparation Strategies of Strongman Athletes’. Read more »



UKRAINIAN STRONGMAN SPORT CHAMPIONSHIP 2018 will take place in Kiev on 28-29 of April.

Weights categories: -95kg; – 110kg; +110kg.

Read more »