Records comission Chairman – Max Dvorecky (Russia)

1. A record is a lift that exceeds the previous record by a minimum of one (1) kg.
2. The WSF recognises Youth, Junior, Senior and Masters world; Universiade records in each of the bodyweight categories for men and women in
the all strongman disciplines.
3. Youth athletes may set Youth, Junior and Senior records.
4. Junior athletes may set Junior and Senior records.
5. Senior athletes may set Senior records only.
6. Masters athletes may set Masters records only.
7. World, Continental and Regional records may only be set at WSF Events included in the WSF Calendar.
8. Masters records may only be set at Masters Events included in the WSF Calendar.
9. Universiade records may only be set at the Universiades.
10. World Record(s) can only be broken in the bodyweight category and the age group where the athlete is entered.
11. Records must be registered in the Protocol, including the following information:
– weight of record
– type of lift (strongmen disciplines)
– type of record (age group, World / Universiade / Continental / National)
– event name, date and location
12. If two (2) or more athletes achieve the same result and a new record is established, the new record holder is the athlete who completed the lift first regardless of the sequence of the competition, if divided into groups.
13. Records are ratified when the athlete successfully undergoes doping control as per WSF Anti-Doping Policy 14. Three judges must confirm the establishment of a new record, while one judge must have an international level 1 qualification for World,
Universiade or Continental records.