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WSF World Strongman Challenge Ilhabela Brazil 2018

WSF World Strongman Challenge Ilhabela held in Ilhabela (Brazil) on 22 of September. In the competitions of the World Strongman Challenge Ilhabela took part more than 20 participants  from 5 countries. The event was watched by over 1.500 spectators.

Meeting of Council of the World Ethnosport

June 30 in the hall of Academic Council of the Surgut State University a meeting of Council of the World Ethnosport took place. The Board of the World Ethnosport approved the new members of Council: Alexey Kylasov (Russia), President Vladislavs Redjkins (Latvia), First Vice-President of EWS, General secretary of WSF

“Moscow Strongman CUP 2018”

Results of  “Moscow Strongman CUP 2018” Luzhniki: Man U-80: 1. Rail Albikov (Podolsk) 2. Dmitry Siromjatnikov (Ekaterinburg) 3. Alexander Ilchenko (Moscow) Man U-95 1. Sergey Belousov (Moscow)

The Ethnosport World Society and TAFISA become partners and WSF to apply for TAFISA membership

Today in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) The Association For International Sport for All (TAFISA) signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ethnosport World Society.

The world series of the “Ethnosport Challenge” tournaments will start in Georgia

The Ethnosport World Society launches a global project – a world series of the “Ethnosport Challenge” tournaments. The first tournament will held in Georgia within the framework of the national festive of Giorgoba on May 5, 2018.

Arab countries on the EWS board will be represented by Ali Al-Ebrahim

The decision that Arab countries on EWS board and WSF  Vice-President will represent Ali Al-Ebrahim from Kuwait was taken today during the meeting of General Secretary of WSF Vladislav Redkin and EWS President Alexei Kylasov with member of the ruling family of emirs Talal Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah.

WSF World Strongman Championship -110 kg

WSF World Strongman Championship -110 kg will take place in UKRAINE: Date: 12.05.2018 Place: Hotel: Khust, st. Voevody Petchenki 5, «V&P» (; competition: city center.

Portugal strongman sport championship 2018

WSF Portugal – Bruno Leal informed, that Portugal`s strongman sport championship (men & women) will take place on 9-10 of June at Portugal Fitness Expo in Porto. Strong Man Mundial com varios países representados dos 4 cantos do planeta. Em breve teremos a lista de atletas completa. Esta é uma parceria com a IFBB. Obrigado pela confiança.