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Meeting of Council of the World Ethnosport

June 30 in the hall of Academic Council of the Surgut State University a meeting of Council of the World Ethnosport took place. The Board of the World Ethnosport approved the new members of Council: Alexey Kylasov (Russia), President Vladislavs Redjkins (Latvia), First Vice-President of EWS, General secretary of WSF

India Strongman results

WSF India Strongman by Harvindersalina Gill in Moga, Punjab, India on 11/02/2018 Results: 1. Bikram Singh 2. Jaswinder Singh 3. Lekhraj 4. Jagsir Singh

Indian strongman sport championship 2018

Harvinder Singh Salina is inviting to visit the Indian strongman sport championship of 2018. Indian Open championship will take place in Moga, Punjab on 11 of February.