Ethnosport Challenge

World strongmen 125  Ethnosport World Society

“World Ethnosport Challenge” the new international project of WSF & Ethnosport “24-20”

The world series of tournaments “Ethnosport Challenge” – individual competitions with team rating:

Ethnosport Challenge Local – City vs Country;
Ethnosport Challenge Global – Country vs World;
Ethnosport Challenge Wins (year) – winners of year.

The program of tournaments consists of individual competitions of Ethnosport Strongmen and one or two other competitions – Ethnosport Wrestling, Ethnosport Racing (boats, horses, camels, running, etc.). Competitions are held according to the rules and with the inventory of local traditional games.

 The EWS Regulations on the Ethnosport Challenges Tournaments

6-12 stages in 2018
12-24 stages in 2019
24 stages in 2020


Participants in challenge:
– 3 from world rating
– 5 from continental rating
– 8 from country-organizer

Money – 5000 Euro:
Winner – 1000
2-16 places – 200
Winner of event – 100 (500)
Winner of Stick pulling – 500
Winner of each exercise – honor plaques
Overall winner – honor plaque
Overall standing will join to world rating