WSF President World Cup in India, Varanasi

We are pleased to invite to the WSF President World Cup , which will take place on 9-10 of April in Varanasi, India.
Benares is a great mythical location, known as the abode & residence of one of the most powerful Hindu gods – Lord Shiva. Thus it will prove to be ideal for an event of Super Humans, such as the Strong Man World Cup.
In 1st stage of WC 2016 will participate:

  1. Tarmo Mitt ESTONIA
  2. Rolands Gulbis LATVIA
  3. Dalius Ziminskas LITHUANIA
  4. Sergey Trubicin UZBEKISTAN
  5. Mikhail Shivliakov RUSSIA
  6. Mark Felix UK
  7. Sergei Vachinski BELARUS
  8. Tomasz Kowal POLAND
  9. Matthew Mc Coy IRELAND
  10. Tim Enersen NORWAY
  11. Jarek Novacki POLAND
  12. Zaki Khan  MALAYSIA
  13. Vostan Gevorgyan ARMENIA


Star Power:

As Special invitees, the following legendary athletes will be the Guests of Honour:

  1. Magnus Ver Magnusson (4-Times Worlds Strongest Man): Will be star Chief Referee & will also do the Athletes briefing
  2. Glenn Ross (Famous World Strongman)
  3. Leonid Taranenko (World Champion Weight-Lifter with a yet unbroken World record Clean & Jerk, also on the IOC): Will be honoured & commemorated by us & also may have the possibility of taking a Master-Class.

Events :

  1. Max-Rep Car Dead-Lift
  2. Max-Weight Over-head Log Lift (120 Kgs Log – start)
  3. 40 Meter Farmers Walk (130 Kgs per hand)
  4. 40 Meter Truck Pull
  5. 8 Times Tyre Flips (300 Kg Tyres)
  6. Truck Loading Medley (20 Meter Distance, 4 Ft Height Truck Bed, 5 odd objects weighing approximately 120-150 kilos – Plough, Anvil, Atlas Stone, Chain & Anchor)                                              ———————————————————————–
  7. Special event of Ethno-Sport: Indian Stick Pulling World Cup/Wrestling

Prizes – 20.000 USD

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