WSF Congress in Varanasi

WSF 1st Congress was held on 8 of April in Varanasi, India.

Congress Attendees :

  1. Pradeep Baba Madhok INDIA – President of WSF
  2. Vladislavs Redjkins LATVIA
  3. Kaizzad Capadia INDIA
  4. Maris Sveiduks LATVIA
  5. Tarmo Mitt ESTONIA
  6. Vadims Punegovs LATVIA
  7. Dalius Ziminskas LITHUANIA
  8. Sergey Trubicin UZBEKISTAN
  9. Dzimitry Kryvahuz BELARUS
  10. Jarek Novacki POLAND
  11. Tim Enersen NORWAY
  12. Ahmad Zaki Bin Jinlapundin MALAYSIA
  13. Alexander Nazarov RUSSIA
  14. Vostan Gevorgian ARMENIA
  15. Peter Sebestyen HUNGARY
  16. Alexey Kylasov RUSSIA – head of world Ethnosport
  17. Vasily  Grishchenko RUSSIA
  18. Glenn Ross  UK
  19. Leonid Taranenko BELARUS – member


Agenda & discussion topics during WSF congress.

1. Election/ confirmation of World Strongmen Federation structure, members confirmation of Honor advisory board, Revision committee, Judges committee.

2. Confirmation of WSF basic documents – international rules of contests and judging, rules & conditions for competition promoters, future development of strongmen sport.

3. Setting goals & strategy for period up to 2020 year, and more detailed plan for 2016 – 2017 years

4. Establish good relations & partnership with other related international, national & regional federations, organizations, officials & VIP of different strongmen sports.

5. Discuss about strong cooperation between WSF and International Etnosports Association.

6. Develop support strategy for different countries & regions to establish their organizations under supervising of WSF or its partner organizations.

7. Work on marketing strategy & plan, to be able attract sponsors, mass media and television. Work to develop & complete brendbook of WSF federation.

8. Translate WSF competition & judging rules to other international languages – English, Spanish, German & French.

9. Continue work on developing & confirming certification sistem for international judges with obligations of regular upgrade of international qualification, through attending special WSF organized courses, seminars or master classes. And pass special exams.

10. Sign the contract with television companies or distribution companies about covering WSF World Tours & other events.

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