“Badang Challenge” – TEST OF SPEED, STRENGTH & ENDURANCE 15-17 September 2017

Badang Challenge started in 2014, initiated to uplift the socio-economy of the locals and spur the name of Homestay Labu Kubong and district of Kuala Kangsar as a prominent internation xtreme sport organize on yearly basis.

Badang Challenge has been a quite a successful event for the community and is looked forward to every year. This year 2017, Badang Challenge has been co-organize with Malaysia Strongestmen Association (Persatuan Orang Kuat Malaysia) and scoring points from the event can be used by participants for rankings purposes.

Padang Rengas is situated about 26km from Taiping town on the north and about 15km from Kuala Kangsar Royal Town towards the south and rich with many local and culturral attractions.

Koperasi Homestay Labu Kubong Kuala Kangsar Nhd and Persatuan Pelancongan Padang Rengas chaired by YB Dato Siti Salmah Mat Jusak, YB ADUN Lubuk Merbau has led Badang Challenge since 2014 and now 2017 (4th) to promotes Padang Rengas and Kuala Kangsar as a tourist attraction.

The positive impact to community is through socio-economy and experience in handling international type events.

Among the tourist attractions nearby Homestay Labu Kubong are:

  • Paddy field, rivers & streams, hillsides and fruit orchards surround the area
  • Picnic Area “Batu Hampar” waterfall, Kuala Kangsar train station, early “pondok” education system
  • Ceramic local products, traditional food, rubber leave products
  • Other local events held at Dataran Badang every year

Badang Challenge 2017 15-17 September 2017 results:




1. Mohammad Firdaus Jamen

2. Alfred Mangabis

3. Abd Rashid b. Abd Rahman

4. Honesty Agondoi

5. Mrbig Rol

6. Choo Kok Wei

7. Haji Boy Ejam

8. Salman b. Singgar

9. Ahmad Mahathir b. Ahmad Khalil

10. Taqiuddin Nasser



1. Mohd Asri b. Abd Kadir

2. Arif Khalil

3. Jufri Tiong

4. Pg Vios

5. Muck Mien

6. Hundred Modimbil

7. Akmal Hakim b. Mohd Ali

8. Wan Mohd Firdaus b. Sharip Man

9. Raja Azril b. Raja Azli

10. Ariff Syafik Bin Zulkifli Wali Nongsari



1. Nur Aika Farina bt Harun

2. Tan Guat Ching

3. Rosalia Oshin Shin

4. Rozaini Salma bt Md Said

5. Leong Shu Yi

6. Radimah bt Mahmud


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