First WSF StrongFit Gym in Kalinigrad, Russia

WSF Excutive commete member Arazm Honarjoo (Iran) informed about opening of first WSF StrongFit gym in Russia. It`s great first step for deloloping the new direction in strongman sport – WSF StrongFit.
Idea of concept of StrongFit based on the fact that:
1)  development of functional capacity positively affects the performance of somatic health of athletes.
2)  the weights in StrongFit are in the zone of intensity that best hypertrophies working muscles and gives them an athletic shape.
3)  alternating locomotive exercises (Yok, farmer Shield) with exercises on the upper body (log-lift, dambl, Axel) harmoniously develops all muscle groups of the body, thereby being the basic training is not only for the development of muscles, but also improve the functional abilities and extra-strength endurance.
4)  along with the positive impact StrongFit, we fix a lot of popularity and interest of this trend among athletes and not strongmen only! For many strongmen remain ideals large muscle mass and physical strength. Accordingly, the participation of strongmen in competitions of CrossFit uncompetitive due to their heavy weight, as well as in such competitions is no “crazy weights” that is, exercises with heavy weights.
On this basis, we present a new movement StrongFit , which will take the vacant niche  in the needs implementation of a large number of athletes and will be able to become not only a emulative destination, but also will become  an independent fitness movement in the world! Complexes selection of exercises in the relay are very diverse, but must include exercises for all muscle groups, and mainly consist of standard exercises of strongman sport!


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