1st Ethnosport Challenge in Moscow

Tournaments of the World Series Ethnosport Challenge will be of two levels – national and international. The first will be the national tournament of Ethnosport Challenger: Moscow vs Russia, which will held within the framework of the Moscow Ethnosport Festival at the opening of the summer sports season in Luzhniki on May 1.

List of athletes of 1st Ethnosport strongmen challenge:
1. Evgeny Pikonin
2. Anatoly Berdishev
3. Nikolay Krasotkin
4. Artem Kabanov
5. Ruslan Pustovoy
6. Taimuraz Baskaev
7. Vadim Kiryshin
8. Maksim Cukanov
1. Boris Kurbatsky
2. Aleksandr Eibog
3. Andrey Poljakov
4. Sergey Buganov
5. Alexey Kosterin
6. Evgeny Ermikov
7. Yuri Kuzmin
8. Vladimir Bulgakov

1. Log lift 120 kg for reps
2. Yoke with chaines 300 kg – 20 m
3. Weight holding – 25 kg
4. Weight carry 116 kg – 30 m
5. Weight holding 250 kg
6. Stick pulling
Reserve – push pull

Prizes – 5000 usd

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Planned the first international tournament of the World Series will be Ethnosport Challenge: Georgia vs World, which will held on May 19 in Tbilisi. But we canceled it. First will be in Belarus on 30 of June!


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