I International tournament “STRONGMEN GAMES” in Khiva

June, 7-9, I International tournament “STRONGMEN GAMES” named after Pahlavon Mahmud was held in Khiva. Within the framework of the tournament, the athletes competed on seven conditions. On the first day of the competition more than 10 foreign and Uzbek athletes competed among them.

According the acting Chairman of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Tourism Development,  Abdulaziz Akkulov’s speech, the  “Games of heroes” international tournament will help in the active promotion of sports tourism in the regions and demonstrate the multiple tourist potential of Uzbekistan.

June, 8, the strongmen demonstrated their skills on the conditions of laying 200 kg of stone on a column of a fixed height and carrying a load of 360 kg over a specified distance.

And on June 9, the athletes show their strength in interesting competitions, such as weighing a heavy truck (2 MAN-trucks), weighing a train locomotive in the Khiva railway station and holding heavy pillars.

According to the final summaries, the first place was won by the youngest participant of the competition, the champion of Ukraine in 2019 year, 24-year-old Pavlo Cordiaco. The second place was given to the Iranian Reza Gjayeti. The third place of Honor was awarded by Sergei Trubitsyn, the strongest wrestler of Uzbekistan and Alexander Kuzmin, the champion of the Russian Federation in 2018.

In the next lower places were Vikram Singh (5th place, India), Giyosiddin Ahmedov (6th place, Uzbekistan), Vagner Meneses Dos Santoz (7th place, Brazil), Ioannis Papakalas (8th place, Greece), Shuhrat Alikhanov (9th place), Jeremy Hogg (10th place, Australia).

The winner of the competition, the owner of the gold medal, Pavlo Cordiaco, was awarded a prize of 5000 US dollars. Silver medal holder Reza Gjayetasina-3000 dollars, bronze medal holder was awarded a prize of 2000 dollars. The remaining participants were also rewarded in a worthy way.

The ceremony of awarding the winners of  “Games of heroes” was finished in highest level with a gala concert of Khorezm masters of art.

The I International tournament was organized by State Committee for Tourism Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan,  the Khorezm region administration in cooperation with the Federations of “Uzbekistan Strongmen’s game and rock climbing” and “World Strongmen”.

1. Pavlo Kordiyaka (Ukraine) – 94 points 
2. Reza Gheitasi (Iran) – 93
3. Alexander Kuzmin (Russia) – 80
4. Sergey Trubicin (Uzbekistan) – 69 
5. Bikram Singh (India) – 69 
6. Gijosiddin Ahmedov (Uzbekistan) – 66
7. Wagner Mezenes Dos Santos (Brazil) – 61
8. Ioannis Papakalas (Greece) – 56 
9. Shukhrat Alihanov (Uzbekistan) – 54.5
10. Jeremy Hogg (Australia) – 53
11. Hamza Primov (Uzbekistan) – 44
12. Mizuki Toyota (Japan) – 36.5 
13. Vusal Mardanov (Azerbajan) – 30
14. Navruz Arabov (Tajikistan) – 19.5 
15. Zhu Huang (China) – 17.5

It was awesome. Strongmen Games in Khiva.

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