Ravshankhon Djuraev to lead the Councils of World Ethnosport and World Strongmen Federation

The Alliance of World Ethnosport and the World Strongmen Federation (WSF) held board meetings on how to improve the management of organizations. The committee took a solid decision and appointed Founder and CEO of UzReport Information Agency (Uzbekistan) Ravshankhon Djuraev as Chairman of Councils of World Ethnosport and World Strongmen Federation.

Another meeting is to be held at the end of October in Tashkent. UNESCO representatives are expected to join the briefing and discuss development program and action plan for 2020-2022.

The Ethnosport World Society registered on the February 6, 2012 in Montreal (Quebec, Canada). According to decision of the Board, made on June 7, 2018, the committee changed its name to “World Ethnosport”. The society based on equal partnership of organizations and individual members, whose aims comprise study, organization and conduct of traditional games, as well as development of ethnosport as a universal means for preservation of traditional forms of physical activity.

Ethnosport is a modern folklore form of sport that allows to maintain the authenticity of traditional sports and games and make them relevant for perception of participants and spectators. The development of ethnosport is in line with UNESCO’s activities and programs promoting cultural diversity, the dialogue of cultures and the preservation of intangible cultural heritage for the sustainable development of society.

World Strongmen Federation (WSF) is an internationally acclaimed organization within strength athletics. WSF has global members across 30 countries that include Russia, India, Latvia, Ukraine, UK, Marocco, Brazil, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands etc. WSF has organized a number of grand prix events and international championships that featured some of the world’s leading strength athletes.

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