Today’s events in Ukraine depict a terrible human and humanitarian tragedy. We call for an end to the bloodshed in Ukraine and express our solidarity with the Ukrainian people and hope that all contradictions would be further resolved through peaceful negotiations.

The WSF has always been guided by the basic principles of the Olympic Movement and the Olympic Charter, in cooperation with recognized world sports organizations. Today, we are also following closely the recommendations of IOC and intend to follow them in our future activities to channel sport to the service of the harmonious development of mankind, to promote a peaceful society concerned with the preservation of human dignity.
In this situation, WSF held a meeting of the Federation’s Executive Committee. Based on the principles of the Olympic Charter, the provisions of the WSF Charter, and the belief that sport is an instrument for peace and solidarity throughout the world, WSF Executive Committee adopted the following Resolution:

  • To cancel the holding of all international sports tournaments of strongmen in Russia and Belarus until peace is established in Ukraine.
  • The participation of Russian and Belarusian athletes in international sporting events is considered individually by the WSF Executive Committee and under the WSF flag.
  • WSF is committed to the position of participation of athletes in competitions as an additional measure of peace and solidarity within the international community of sports strongmen.
    WSF stands for peace in Ukraine!
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